Decisions & Fear

Decisions are meant to be freeing.  They are not freeing you because you have become so bound by your past glory or your anticipated future.  Are you choosing for your Highest Good?  Or are you choosing to compromise?  Or are you choosing for the benefit of the imagined benefactor?

If you make your decision based on how others think about you, notice every step becomes heavy and impossible.  Because of the heaviness, you end up choosing to stay with the status quo, and soon you find yourself regretting, punishing yourself of your cowardice.  This cycle continues.

If you make your decision based on what makes your heart sings, you will face another kind of fear:  the fear of the unknown, the fear of being judged by others, because this has never been done before.  Your courage of doing something different threatens those who are unable to move out of their comfort zones, that’s why stones are thrown at you from all directions.

So either way you will encounter obstacles, but one expands you while the other one shrinks you.  Choosing to compromise limits your personal growth, and choosing to honor your heart tests your wisdom and faith.

Whether you choose one way or the other, all these fear comes back to challenging your stability, your trust within yourself, your God Self.  Our fear takes us away from our God Self but it’s our God Self that frees us from all the fear.  It depends on your choice, choosing fear or choosing love and trust.

Yes, while making your decision, the demon of self doubt, self judgement show up at your front door because this is the testing ground of your stability in your God Self.

My dear child, you don’t need to know everything about the next 10 steps before you can start walking.  When the first step is revealed to you, take it, and continue with the process.  The rest will take care of itself.  Each step gives you confidence, but the more you try to look further than you can, your power will be taken away by fear.

Choose what frees your heart, choose what strengthens your stability and peace.