The New Way to Understand Karma

When it comes to Karma, many think of it as “what goes around comes around.”  Well, Karma is actually much more than this.  The word Karma is translated as action, but the word action means the energy charge (or the energy force) behind one’s action of thinking, speech, and behaviour.    Karma is also the energy imprint accumulated by our thoughts, speech, and act.  Karma might sound like a very superstitions belief but it’s actually much more scientific than it appears to be.

As mentioned, there is an energy or motivation force behind each of our action.  For example,  A & B both want to become a yoga teacher, and their intention (thought) behind the action of being a yoga teacher is to help others.  But just because one has the intention to help and serve, that doesn’t mean everyone is motivated by the same charge behind their intention. 

A wants to teach because if A can help, she feels that she has more self value, and being more spiritual makes her feel she is a better person; her motivational force behind teaching is fear – the fear of not being good enough.  So the more she helps, the more she can deviate herself from her feeling of being good enough.  Because she is unconscious of such, she continues to take a lot of trainings, do as many things as she can, while on the surface looks like a good yoga teacher.  However, the more she teaches, the more she strengthen the energy of lack within her.

The other teacher, B, wants to help others simply because she has once been in a vulnerable position in her life and she knew how helpful it was if someone would be there to offer guidance and help, so she wanted to give back to the society by being a yoga teacher to guide others.

Again, the action on the surface will only strengthen the energy underneath, though the two teachers are offering help to the community, each of them is vibrating at a very different frequency.

Out of the want to be accepted and appreciated, A’s teaching and vibration (also self value) are highly dependant on the feedback of the students.  Though B might also concern about the feedback of others, but because the charge comes from the urge to truly help (regardless of feedback), so B’s vibration would not be affected so much by how others see her.

Let’s use the frequency of sound as an example to understand how vibration works.  Each sound has a specific vibration, and when a vibration meets another vibration of the same frequency, one reaches resonance (1st diagram), so the two sounds will be in harmony of each other, and the magnitude (or strength)  of the frequency will be enhance twice as much. 


Our thoughts, speech action form an energetic pattern or energetic imprint on ourselves,  which becomes our vibration.  Such energetic pattern also has an influence on our behaviour.  Everyone has an “average” or “general” vibration (you can call it your personality) but at the same time has a different vibration at different times (depending on our actions and moods).  Because of the law of resonance, we tend to be attracted by similar vibration people (because when the vibration is different, we don’t resonate hence don’t feel comfortable).

For example, if you are a person who tends to hide your feelings, you would not feel comfortable around those who like to be real and share their true feelings.  So you continue to go about your days and hang out with those who make you feel comfortable (e.g. instead talking about true feelings, you and your friends tend to only talk about everyday things on the surface).  Because you have a tendency to not express how you truly feel, you assume others to know your feelings, so both you and your partner think and act similarly.  You end up always feeling misunderstood, hence this becomes “what goes around comes around.”

But it doesn’t have to be as direct as this.  Say if you lie to someone, you vibrate at a specific frequency, and out of the law of resonance, you tend to hang out with those who are similar to you, ie. those who tend to lie, so the chance of being lied to would be higher.  But just because you had lied to A, that doesn’t mean you will be lied to by A in the future, it could be B instead.  So that out of the law of resonance you tend to work together or have relationships with those at similar vibration, so you can be lied to by either A, B, C or others within similar frequency range. 

Each thought, speech, and action forms an energetic imprint in your energetic field and your karma is the energy field that is accumulated by your behaviour.  If you do not enjoy the experience you have in your life, you have to practice at being the person you want to be, so that your new behaviour no longer resonate with your old behaviour, you are slowly breaking the old energetic pattern hence forming a new pattern.  The more consistent your new behaviour is, the more you will break off from the old, so you can start attracting those who vibrate at a higher frequency into your life!