The art of letting go

Everyone is trying so hard to let go, and today I had a short sharing with a friend about the practice of “letting go”.

Our practice is not about how to be accepted by others, but about how to accept ourselves. As a human, it’s very normal to go through ups and downs, and we can often contemplate like this, “Can I be okay with this not-so-peaceful me? Can I coexist with “me” and smile to “myself”?”

Letting go is not an action that can be done, rather, it is an experience. Our practice is to learn to be with these ever-changing, diverse self. The more we practice, one day you may notice you are okay whether you are peaceful, angry, jealous, or joyful; It doesn’t bother you that you have anger in you, you can smile to the “angry you”, then you know that is the moment of letting go.

Remember, just like everything else, the state of letting go has an impermanent nature, so it can slip away before you even aware, unless you have reached full enlightenment. So, sometimes it’s easier to feel the letting go, sometimes you still get caught up. However, the more you practice, you will notice it doesn’t bother you that you have not let go, then you know that is the moment of letting go.

Letting go is not the practice itself, but the fruit of our practice.

Come back to your breathing as often as you can, take a mindful walk outside, you will notice there are beautiful wonders around you waiting to be discovered even during the bad days.

Remember, our practice is to look within, not fixing what’s out there.

May we practice together diligently.