Speaking about the terrorist attack in Paris – It’s time to embrace our vulnerabilities

My dear one, I know you have been suffering quite a lot, both within and around yourself.  You have a kind heart, and often times a kind heart like this is can be easily hurt in different situations and events.  Yes, it’s important to feel for others, but to truly help others, it’s more important to maintain our stability.  This doesn’t mean we should be indifferent or even numb ourselves, but we need to come back to our true core, the balanced point, in order to help without being dragged down nor pulled up emotionally (i.e. losing our equanimity).

When you have a feeling to do more, more than what you are supposed to do and capable to do, you can take on others’ karma.  Yes, you might be able to bring a sense of relief for them, however, at the expense of your own peace and stability.  So in the long run, this is not going to be helpful for anyone.

My dear, there is a lot of violence around the world at this moment.  Similar to our emotions, by themselves they are neither good nor bad; they are simply what they are, without judgement towards them.  These negative energies arose from all the suppression in the past, and they are simply looking for ways to be released.  At another level, negative energies often fight with new arising consciousness; it’s hard for the old to let go without a struggle.

The violent incidents are not only a wake up call for the victims, but also for each of us, to examine our past behaviors as well as the vulnerability deep inside us.  As Thich Nhat Hanh said, whether it’s the terrorists or the victims of the attack, we are all victims of our own pain and wound.

This is not a fight between different nations and ethnicities, but this is simply a reaction of our old suppressed energies trying to release themselves.

So fighting back, getting a revenge is simply going to inflict more pain onto others; it does not bring peace in our hearts, and is not the long term solution.  It’s time to come back to the core of the problem:  our vulnerabilities.  By recognizing our vulnerability, we give a chance for ourselves to listen to our pain, to be with our pain, to come back to the true yearning deep within our hearts.  We want to be loved, we don’t want things to be taken away from us, we want a sense of safety.  However, we have mistaken love from owning instead of sharing.  We forgot that the sense of security comes from within, not without.

By embracing our vulnerability, we allow the pain to be there, hence we become more secure with who we are.  Our sense of beingness is no longer defined by what we have or what we don’t have.  When we spend enough time bracing ourselves, our hearts become strong enough to listen to the true yearning of our “enemies” without taking their responses personally.

This is not a war between nations, this is simply an opportunity for humanity to come back to ourselves and brace our vulnerabilities.  Recognizing our common pain, and learning to take care of our pain so our pain doesn’t drive our lives.  The enemies are not outside of us, they are inside of us.

If we listen deeply, you will see that deep within us, we are all the same – we all want to be loved, we all want to be safe.

I ask for you to come back to yourself today, to be in silence, listen to the hurt inside you.  Don’t rush to fix your pain, feel your vulnerability, hug yourself (literally and figuratively), let yourself cry.  See your helplessness, and see how your vulnerability wants to harden you and make you into a violent being.  Take care of your inner child now, this is just the time our inner child reaching out to us, longing to be loved and cared for.

When we become at peace with our vulnerability and helplessness within ourselves, we are able to come back to our true center.

Only when there is peace in the heart, will there be peace in the world.

Do this for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the whole of humanity and all other beings.