My Appointment With Life

Waking up this morning,
looking into the mirror,
I notice how my experience today is clouded by yesterday.

What if today is my last day of life?
How would I think differently?
Speak differently? Act differently?

I would laugh at how seriously I have taken myself,
how many days I allowed life just slipped off my hands.
I would speak with love,
Act with love,
To my loved ones, to everyone in my life,
even the ones who once hurt me.

Morrie once said in Tuesdays with Morrie* that,
“if you know how to die,
then you know how to live.”
Learning how to die is about dropping the future,
then we know how to be present.

I would like to have a loose plan,
in case today is not my last.
But I would spend most of my attention on today,
because it might be the last.

I have an appointment with life today,
and I vow to live the fullest.

*Tuesdays with Morrie is a book written by Mitch Albom, a book I highly recommend.