Fortune and Misfortune

Looking around, however small or big, we are all facing all kinds of helplessness in our lives.  I must say this is one of the most uncomfortable feeling to deal with…  I see people getting cancer, losing one’s wife from a car accident, seeing one’s child having genetic problems, losing job due to floods in one’s city… And what is this helplessness all about??

Yes, from the small frustration in your everyday life to all the tragedies or what you call misfortunes, it’s all about dealing with helplessness – a feeling of not able to do anything with the situation.  This is simply the truth of life, no one has full control of life; everyone is simply part of it.  The word “life force” means a force that moves behind life that forms the actual life itself.

So whether life is a lesson or not it simply depends on you.  If you don’t get life, then it is your lesson to figure out what life is.  If you know that everything is just a part of life, then you have nothing to learn.

Fortune or misfortune is all relative.  Whether you are fortunate or unfortunate, we need to learn how to make the best use of what we have.  The so-called fortunate people should think about how to make the best use of his/her resources for the betterment of the planet.  Whereas the so-called less-fortunate should look around and see how one can take from the situation for the betterment of self growth.  Taking care of others and self is an ongoing process.  One can never continue to give without receiving and vice versa.

So it’s about learning to utilize the resources one has for the betterment of one and all.  Only then all will be well.  So it’s not about fortune or misfortune.

Everyone at different point in time has a different role to play; has a mission to fulfill, however small or significant.  We need everyone to play their role so the planet is in a balanced state.  A role is simply a role; there is no better/higher/superior role or worse/lower/inferior role.  Without the inferior how can there be a superior?  Both are just different roles.

Suffering is a very subjective experience.  If you keep asking “why?”  Your subjective experience is that you are the victim.  But you are still part of that life force, just as much as the “fortunate” ones, it’s just that now it’s your turn to play a different role.  Once you figure out this is a time for personal attention and healing, you can get out of that role and be the “fortunate” ones.

Again, just like misfortune, fortune is also a subjective experience.  Whatever you experience will affect how you play your role.  Giver or receiver – we need both.

Remember, there is a life force behind the scene, we are all part of that force, not the role itself.  The role is only a temporary, relative identity, but the life force is our absolute identity, our true self.  Be both and see them as they are so you will not be caught up with “fortune” or “misfortune”.

So when you see someone less fortunate comes to you, you can remember that right now they are the receiver.  Let them receive love, that’s the best way to help.  Do not need to give them lessons for they will figure that part out themselves.  Just offer them love, in whatever form.  Feel love and you can give love.