Befriend with the Mother of all Fear

Annihilation is the fear of all.  You are afraid of annihilation because you still don’t fully understand how the universe works.  You are looking at the appearance on the surface instead of the essence  of the core.

If you look deeply into anything, I mean ANYTHING, you will notice all things come down to an energy force, which is part of the whole and there is no clear distinction between you and me.  However, as you try to have a deeper understanding of yourself, you have already assumed there is a clear distinction between you and them.  As you dwell deeper, you will find out the very first assumption is wrong, and so you freak out.  You are concerned that if you are not something, then you are nothing.

The truth is, you are neither something nor nothing.  You are and you are not.  You are this and at the same time that.  But when you try to to make a clear distinction between this and that, you fail, so you freak out.  You freak out because the underlying assumption is that you must be something in order to play a role, to live, to function, and to cognize on this planet.  In truth, the something is everything and that something cannot be extracted from everything.

The human mind freaks out because to be everything means you are not something, you are no longer special.  So you don’t like it.  From all your education s

ystems they tell you that you are something and you are special, so when you realize you are actually not something but nothing and everything, you don’t like it.  It’s that something that gives you meaning, so without that something you don’t know the meaning of life anymore, so you become lost.  When you are lost, you freak out.

Everything is based on nothing, and nothing is supported by everything.  Without everything there is no nothing; without nothing there is no everything.

That’s why when you look at something, if you go very deep, you find nothing because it includes everything.

The idea of self is to pick out something from everything and nothing, that in itself is impossible and it can only happen in your mind, through our imagination.

So go back to your fear of annihilation, it’s the mother of all fear because nothing is the basis of everything.  Everything boils down to nothing, and nothing comes from everything.  So the fear of loss is simply showing you a crack of reality; that there is nothing tangible behind reality.  it’s all based on nothing (think of it as a black hole, a black hole has everything in it).

Befriend with nothingness and you will become fearless in life.